3 Course Bundle

(Right Way To Manage, How To Identify Waste and Deciding What To Work On) | taught by Conway Management

Course description

This three course bundle contains The Right Way to Manage©, How to Identify Waste and Deciding What To Work On. This course will enable you to begin the Core Activity in The Right Way to Manage©: Identifying, quantifying and eliminating waste and help you determine the most critical improvement opportunities to work on.

Along with The Right Way to Manage© concepts, this course describes the four forms of waste — Material, Capital, Time and Lost opportunities — and provides examples from all types of organizations. It also explains three methods for identifying waste with detailed instructions for using each method.

You will learn how to develop a comprehensive list of waste examples from your organization and be guided through a systematic and transparent method to decide what to work on.You’ll learn a process to help you determine the improvement opportunities most critical to your organization.

The course curriculum is shown below.

Conway Management
Conway Management

Mary Jane King, President of Conway Management. mj.king@conwaymgmt.com

Course Curriculum

Before you begin...
Navigating & Contacting Conway Management
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The Right Way to Manage — an Introduction (video: 21 minutes)
Background and key concepts
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How to Identify Waste (video: 24 minutes)
Examples and methods to identify waste
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Deciding What To Work On (video:15 minutes)
Method for prioritizing improvements
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Appendix — supporting documents
Group Brainstorming (pdf)
Conducting A Waste Walk (pdf)
Waste Walk Form (pdf)
The Dougie Question (pdf)
Deciding What To Work On Reference & Forms (pdf)
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